About us

ZELKA Sp. z o.o. has been undertaking production and trading activities for many years. Practical fastening systems are our specialty. We manufacture them using steel of the highest quality, including stainless steel.


Psary Małe, ul. Folwarczna 8

62-300 Września, Poland

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Our services

Our services


In addition to high-class products, we also offer services on an industrial scale. The need for continuous development and comprehensive customer service related to sheet metal processing have resulted in equipping our company with appropriate machines for laser processing, plastic forming, bending, welding, and powder coating. We can implement even the most demanding orders using 2D laser cutters, press brakes, eccentric presses with feeders, band saws, guillotines, or welding machines designed for joining black steel, aluminum, and stainless steel. On top of that, we also offer powder coating to save our Customers’ time. For the purposes of painting a large number of small elements, we use automatic machines, while short and small series are processed using a manual booth. The final treatment process requires appropriate surface preparation, which is why we have fine-grained abrasive blasting or an automatic degreasing system using ultrasonic technology.

Laser cutting
of metal sheets

In our daily work, we use a modern laser cutter which ensures great accuracy, shorter working time, and reduced costs.

Powder coating

Precise technique of applying powder paint to various types of details. The hardened coating not only gives exceptional aesthetic effects, but also ensures enormous resistance to corrosion, mechanical damage, and high temperature.

Plastic forming

We also offer services on eccentric presses with a belt feeder (maximum pressure of 125T), guillotine cutting of metal sheets with a maximum width of 2.5 m and a thickness of 6 mm, and MIG/MAG welding.