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ZELKA Sp. z o.o. has been undertaking production and trading activities for many years. Practical fastening systems are our specialty. We manufacture them using steel of the highest quality, including stainless steel.


Psary Małe, ul. Folwarczna 8

62-300 Września, Poland

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Plastic forming

About our offer

Our history and first successes are mainly based on sheet metal forming. Based on eccentric presses, press brakes, a guillotine, and appropriate tools, we have created a portfolio of fastening elements that have been popular for many years. The multitude of available presses, which are partly equipped with straighteners and feeders, together with specialized staff, make it possible to offer you services in the field of cutting, stamping and bending of sheet metal. We use entrusted tools and tools designed by our specialists.

  • Eccentric presses:

Pressure – 6.3-125 tons – production from tapes or prepared forms

Bending on press brakes

We offer precise bending of steel sheet elements on modern YAWEI (SMD) and Metallkraft CNC press brakes with the maximum parameters:

  • Press brakes:

Length – up to 3000 mm

Pressure – up to 110 tons

Guillotine cutting

Our machine park also includes DURMA hydraulic guillotine shears with the maximum parameters:

  • Guillotine:

Length – up to 2500 mm

Thickness – up to 6 mm

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Email: dawid.kluk@zelka.pl
Phone: +48 61 4388 102

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ZELKA Sp. z o.o.
Adress: Psary Małe
ul. Folwarczna 8
62-300 Września

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