About us

ZELKA Sp. z o.o. has been undertaking production and trading activities for many years. Practical fastening systems are our specialty. We manufacture them using steel of the highest quality, including stainless steel.


Psary Małe, ul. Folwarczna 8

62-300 Września, Poland

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Our history



ZELKA is a family company. Our headquarters is located in Psary Małe near Września on the Poznań – Warsaw route. The plant has been developing for 40 years. Initially, the company offered services including water, sewage, and central heating installations as well as roofing and tinsmithing. Currently, “Zelka” operates in the metal industry and in addition to manufacturing mainly steel brackets for gutters, drainpipes, and internal sewage systems, we also offer fastening systems for drainage installations of bridges, viaducts, and industrial halls. In the 1980s, we began systematic development of the company and the 1990s allowed us to expand. We managed to improve the machinery park, raise the quality of production, and start cooperation with other companies. All the activities from that period resulted in economic, structural, and organizational changes. In 1999, the company obtained the status of a sheltered workshop. One year later, it transformed into a limited liability company and it operates in this form to this day under the name ZELKA Sp. z o.o.